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Who We Are


Making a Strong First Impression

Our specialty is curtain wall, the external envelope surrounding the structure. It’s the first impression—the face of our client’s business and their brand. It is the thumbprint on the skylines of our cities.

Collaboration is our Foundation

We infuse national capabilities into talent-packed, local offices. We form partnerships with our clients and subcontractors that other firms can’t match. Collaboration is at the center of everything we do.

We Know the Job, Inside & Out

We thrive on the challenge of executing complex building projects. We turn the job inside out looking for ways to navigate every obstacle. By always trying to be the most knowledgeable on the job, we bring out the best of everyone on the job. 

Building Trust In Everything We Do

We leverage 7+ decades in the construction business, the highest quality standards, a culture that insists on safety at every level, a process based on collaboration, and a continuous improvement mindset… to build trust in everything we do.

Learn About Our 2023 Safety Recognitions

We insist on safety at every level, with both management and employees jointly responsible for injury prevention and creating a safe work environment. We hold ourselves to a high standard, implementing daily activities and constantly improving our program to ensure our team members go home safely. We’re proud of the world-class safety program we’ve built, which has earned recognition across the industry—from customers, local jurisdictions, and more.

The Harmon Way

The Harmon Way is our holistic approach to creating and upholding the company’s ecosystem for our team and business, providing principles and desired behaviors to help us be successful. At the center is our most valuable asset, our people.

Our Value Proposition

We achieve best value by driving cost efficiency through in-depth project knowledge, diligent resource planning, and superior execution. Our uniquely positioned approach is characterized by:

  • Specialty in custom curtain wall
  • Local presence backed by national resources
  • Fully integrated project delivery

Our history

The scope and breadth of our impact dates back more than 75 years. Since 1949, we have evolved our solutions to bring the best value to our customers.

The Beginning

Harmon started in 1949 by opening an auto glass repair shop in the basement of an old tire store. Throughout the 1950s, Harmon Glass shops opened all around Minnesota.

By 1955, Harmon as we know it today was formed to focus on replacement and contract glazing for store fronts and buildings, distinguishing it separately from the auto- glass business.

A Customer First Approach

Throughout Harmon’s early years, we quickly carved out a place in the market through our emphasis on honesty, integrity, and customer service.

The Pivot To Curtain Wall

During the 70s, Harmon started to lean into its glazing operation to become a full-fledged curtain wall and glazing contractor with office and hospital projects.

Harmon Goes Global

The 80s signaled a transformative period for Harmon. We became increasingly international in scope and were named one of America’s best-performing companies.

Return To Domestic Pursuits

During the 90s, Harmon reached its peak on the international stage but ultimately returned to focusing on domestic pursuits consistent with the rest of the Apogee portfolio.

Shift To Larger Projects

Apogee sold Harmon’s large contract business (Harmon Ltd.) in 2001 and expanded its small contract/service business, focusing on building façade renovations. In 2004, Apogee sold Harmon Auto Glass and purchased Architectural Wall Solutions (AWallS), supporting Harmon’s strategic expansion in the Northwest, shifting our focus to larger and more profitable projects.

Building A National Company

Throughout this decade, Harmon focused on building better synergies as one Harmon team, consolidating our manufacturing centers and creating a national preconstruction team to support local markets. We emphasized ‘National company with local presence’ for our projects business and exited the service work. Early in this decade, we expanded into Texas. Later, we sold our first job in New York City.

Expanding Our Portfolio

In the 2020s, Harmon continues to grow and is laser focused on the pursuit of excellence for both its customers and employees as we take on ever-more ambitious projects and opportunities. In 2022, we integrated another Apogee business into our segment, Sotawall Limited, to become one unified brand with Harmon, expanding our footprint to 7 regions, 2 countries, and more than 1,100 employees.

Celebrating 75 Years

2024 marks the 75th anniversary of Harmon! We are proud of our rich history— from our humble beginnings in downtown Minneapolis in 1949 to now the top curtain wall subcontractor in North America. We couldn’t have done it without the support of our employees, customers, and vendors, and we look forward to celebrating all year long!

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